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If you've got some concept art, set design, illustration, book, magazine, album cover, fan art, or just something random. Send me a note and we can discuss it.
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As I'm painting I get to this point before I even finish, where I start to lose confidence. I know the piece isn't done, but I don't know what else to do. What details to go into or what areas to work on.
This happens all the time on every painting, digital or traditional. And sometimes, I can tell when other people get the same way, just by looking at their work. I know that they had this great idea, but they didn't know how to execute it.
That's why I'm starting to understand how important it is to look at other artists for inspiration, influence, and even reference. It doesn't hurt to do a master copy and study how they paint and why they painted an area that way.

These are some things I do every hour or so when working on a piece so that I don't lose confidence and inspiration.
I've been on Winter break for about 2 weeks now. In between semesters, relaxing, sleeping in, staying up, just doing what I couldn't during the school year.
Although I love being lazy I promised myself I'd still do some form of art. Even though it's pretty slow, I feel proud I'm doing something =]
I'll be uploading a few sketches here and there some finished, some not so much. Either way, it's really healthy to constantly make art as an artist, even when you don't want to.
I do have a painting I did as an assignment, but also falls right on NSPD. I finished it today at 5am, so it still counts!
I wanted to upload a picture today, but it was taken with my phone. Since I don't want you guys looking at a low res picture, I will uploaded a HQ picture asap, but most likely tomorrow.
I'm going to start trying to upload a bit more regularly from now on. Now that I have 5 watchers, it's getting pretty serious, haha.
To anyone new, make sure to check out the rest of the art. I like to range between digital and traditional.